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Maintain Artificial Football Turf In The Right Way

Nowadays, for the low cost as well as a high level of safety of the artificial turf, most football ground has taken it into the application. But do you know the main types of football turf nowadays and have you got any ideas on giving it proper maintenance? We are now guiding you through the tips to maintain the excellent artificial football turf as per the standard of FIFA.

Type of the football turf

(I) football field lawn without sand filling

Artificial football turf can be divided into two types: water seepage and no seepage. The lawn is similar to natural grass in shape and owns a layer of the shock-absorbing foam cushion. There are different density and thickness of the shock-absorbing layer of it.


(II) artificial turf filled with granular

Because of its excellent sports performance and practicability, the filled granular turf is accepted by the majority of users. Most of its materials are polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) polymers. Its movement characteristics are very close to that of the natural lawn, and it can be used in all seasons. Generally, the lawn needs to be maintained for 6-8 months after laying to reach the best condition. In the prolonged dry weather, as long as a little water is sprinkled on the lawn, it can reduce the risk of athletes being scratched.


(III) natural artificial mixed lawn

It’s not a dream anymore to integrate the natural lawn with the football field lawn. Now there is a kind of mixed lawn. The grass of this kind of lawn is natural, and the root structure of the grass is reinforced with plastic, for example, let the grass grow on the net bottom made of plastic. In this way, the user-friendly characteristics of natural turf are well combined with the super durability of artificial turf in the football field.

Maintenance of the football turf

Compared with the tedious and costly maintenance of natural grass, the support of an artificial turf football field is much easier. We can grasp some tips in the maintenance and use of the synthetic turf soccer field, which not only keeps the sports performance and increase the comfort but also extends its service life to a certain extent.



  • Cooling

When the weather is hot in summer, the surface temperature of artificial turf will be higher, which is a little uncomfortable for the athletes who are still running and jumping on it. The maintenance personnel of the football field usually spray water on the ground to reduce the surface temperature, which is very useful. Clean water sources shall be used for sprinkling and cooling, and the sprinkling can be repeated according to the specific situation of the rapid evaporation of water.

  • Clean

If it is only dust, then natural rainwater can be cleaned. However, although it is generally forbidden to throw litter in artificial turf, it is inevitable to produce all kinds of garbage in actual use. Therefore, the maintenance of the football field must include the content of regular cleaning. In addition, you can use a brush to remove the extra garbage. Pay attention not to affect the filling particles.



  • Snow removal

In general, after a snowfall, it will wait until it melts naturally into the water to discharge. But sometimes it is necessary to use the field, so it is a must to maintain the football field. Snow removal machines include rotary broom machines or snow blowers. It should be noted that only pneumatic tire equipment can be used for snow removal, and it cannot stay at the site for a long time; otherwise, the lawn will be damaged.

  • Deicing

Similarly, in the case of ice, it is best to wait for it to melt naturally. In order to use the site, the steps of deicing must be carried out. To remove ice, you need to use a roller to crush the ice, and then sweep the crushed ice directly. If the ice is too thick, it needs to be melted with chemicals. Urea is recommended. However, the chemical residues will cause harm to the turf and users, so it is necessary to wash the site with clear water as soon as possible when the situation allows.


Maintaining the football turf, the premise of it is that the artificial football turf is of high quality and worth preserving. As for a recommendation, Excellent Turf is said to be the most excellent manufacturer in China, adept at producing the football turf. Their production has strictly gone through the process of extruding yarn, testing yarn quality, turfing artificial grass, coating synthetic grass backing, packing and loading. All the process it goes through is to ensure high performance and reliable safety of the football turf. It’s worth trying it to produce an international standard football ground.

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