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Artificial football turf

Artificial Football Turf System Solution

Excellent Turf not just professional in manufacturing artificial turf,

but also providing system solution for variety of sports applications.

Our experienced team will provide you the most suitable solution.

We will help you from project consulting, tender preparing, budget plan, to installation and maintenance.

All the necessary sports facilities, installation machines or tools will be provided

which will save your works and costs.

Excellent Turf high quality artificial turf are widely applied from professional clubs,

social sports parks to schools and commercial applications.

To ensure you get a whole idea for the project, you are welcome to contact our team and you will be offered

a free project proposal with all details listed.

Artificial football turf
infill system

Recommended Products

Artificial Grass Quality Pro


Perfect for professional football club or performance-oriented pitch.


Standard: FIFA Quality Pro                       Turf Bind: 52 N

Weathering: 5,000 Hours UVA                 Warranty: 8 Years

Note: Designed for top performance with super durable yarn shape, diamond plus stem shape. Diamond plus stem now is the best artificial turf yarn design in physics and geometry.It is most durable, smooth and resilient. It will not be split as stem shape grass or dazzle as diamond shape grass. Shock pad and best infill materials for installation are recommended.

Artificial Grass Quality +


Suitable for all kinds of commercial football pitch.


Standard: FIFA Quality                           Turf Bind: 52 N

Weathering: 5,000 Hours UVA              Warranty: 8 Years

Note: The classic diamond shape designed turf with valued for its durability and upright. It will not be diverging or splitting as stem grass, always keeping your turf in good condition for the games. Most of the commercial football pitch build for renting built with this model.

Artificial Grass Quality


Designed for all kinds of amateur football pitch.


Standard: FIFA Quality                         Turf Bind: 52 N

Weathering: 5,000 Hours UVA            Warranty: 8 Years

Note: Same yarn shape as Quality Pro, but this model is lower density with lower cost. It is the most popular sports artificial turf in our portfolio. Over 500,000 square meters installed in over 100 football pitch in different size. Better balanced between cost and performance.

Artificial Grass Infill-free


Suitable for kids’ football pitch or playing ground.


Standard: Excellent Quality                    Turf Bind: 68 N

Weathering: 3,000 Hours UVA               Warranty: 5 Years

Note: The best infill-free artificial turf for sports application. Rubber granule is not required in installation. Some silica sand infill is suggested to protect the turf and extend turf’s life. This is the first consideration to kids under 8 years old sports field, also the priority choice for a kindergarten playing ground. The most solid PU backing makes outstanding turf bind up to 68N.

Infill Rubber Granule


Artificial football turf installation system.


Material: Rubber                     Size: Φ1-3 mm

Color: Black                             Package: 25kg/bag

Note: Derived from scrap car and truck tires that are ground up and recycled. Rubber granule infill is substantially metal free, and should not contain liberated fiber in an amount that exceeds

Sub-base Shock Pad


Artificial turf installation system.


Material: Polyurethane                   Thickness: 7-22 mm

Color: Black or green                      Package: Roll

Note: Suggested for professional football pitch and for schools’ football pitch. The shock pad should provide shock absorption without compromising footing and/or surface stability.

Facility LED Lighting


Designed for football pitch lighting.


CRI: ≥80Ra                                     Input: 100V – 265V AC /(50/60Hz)

Efficiency: 110 W/Lm                   CCT: 5500 – 6000K

Note: Customization  is available.

Equipment Football


Football match or training .


Size:4 or 5                                             Color: Almost all colors available

Material:PU                                          Accessory: Pump,needle and bag

Note: Customization  is available.

Equipment Jersey


Football match or training. Kids or Adults


Size: XXXS – XXXL                                 Sleeve: Short or long

Material:UV Defence, Storm FIT and U.S.P

Note: Customization is available.

Equipment Bib


Football training .


Size: XXXS – XXXL                                    Color: As required

Material:Mercerized fabric

Note: Customization is available.

Equipment Training Kit


Football training.

Note: Customization is available.

Souvenir Trophy


Football souvenir.

Note: Customization is available.

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