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6 Points To Consider When Buying An Artificial Turf

1st Choice of manufacturer

This is the first and most important consideration.

There are a lot of artificial grass manufacturers out there today, but not all of them are the right pick for you. Go for a business that has been doing this for a while now as they must be doing something right to be in the market that long. Likewise, they will have a wider range of products and picks – as well as social proof to fall back on.


2nd Usage

Not all turfs are made the same. The area where the turf will be used, and its specific purpose there, will also go into the choice of turf to go for.

The area where the turf will be installed determines the kind of blades to be used, how they will be sheared, and of course, the infill too. That will ensure the turf is durable enough to withstand the activity planned for it – from heavy foot traffic to just being a play area.


3rd Type of Infill

Within the turf can be different materials that allow it to maintain that lush nature. Across different manufacturers, there are choices of sand, crumb rubber, pea gravel, and other synthetic materials too.

Besides buoyancy, the material of fill also brings additional benefits to the turf. While some infill will help control odor, others are designed to prevent the pooling of water on the turf.


4th Pile Density

The pile density will directly impact the lushness of the grass, so it is not to be looked over either. Here, the choice of where the artificial turf will be used also comes to the fore, letting you know whether to choose a higher or lower pile density instead.

Likewise, the viewing angles should go into the choice of pile density.

For overhead views, the pile density can be as low since it would not be so visible. However, when the grass will be seen from the sides, a higher pile density does you much good.


5th Color

If you have spent some time looking at various artificial turf options, you will find out that they come in different grades of colors – even though they might all have looked green from afar. You can find examples of such over at Excellent Turf which designs different forms of artificial grass based on sports (football, tennis, etc.) and other standards (decorative, landscape, etc.).

This will usually come down to personal choices as there is no indication of one color being inherently better than the other.


6th Fire resistance

We cannot underline this enough.

Check the turf characteristics to ensure that it has been made from fire-resistant materials. This prevents it from being the start of a fire or contributing fuel to a fire incident.

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