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Football pitch system

Accessory and Facility for Artificial Turf System

A completed artificial football turf pitch system contains

sub-grade system, artificial turf system, surface system, lighting system and fence system.

To balance the system performance and the budget, there are some sub-systems are not necessary.

Accessory, tool and machine will be needed for a better and efficient artificial turf flooring installation.

Some accessory or facility are great help to enhance performance, safety and efficiency.

Consult with us to get a proposal for your artificial turf system.


Recommended Products

Seaming Tape


Artificial turf system installation.

Key Info:

Material: PP                             Width: 20-30cm

Color: Black                             Package: Roll

Seaming tape is commonly used for seams and/or inlaid lines and markings. The tape is comprised of a fabric that should be installed below the backing material on both sides of a seam or inlay.

PU adhesive


Artificial turf installation.

Key Info:      

Material: PU                                Component: 2

Color: White or green                 Package:10kg/barrel 

Adhesive are used to bond artificial turf seams and inserts, and, in some applications, for a total glue down of the artificial turf to the base. Artificial turf adhesives should be applied by experienced, professional installers.

Rubber Granule


Artificial football turf installation system.

Key Info:

Material: Rubber                     Size: Φ1-3 mm

Color: Black                             Package: 25kg/bag

Rubber granule is derived from scrap car and truck tires that are ground up and recycled. Rubber granule infill is substantially metal free, and should not contain liberated fiber in an amount that exceeds

Shock pad


Artificial turf installation system.

Key Info:      

Material: Polyurethane                   Thickness: 7-22 mm

Color: Black or green                      Package: Roll

Shock pad is suggested for professional football pitch and for schools’ football pitch. The selection of the shock pad should be closely coordinated with the performance characteristics and requirements of the artificial turf system utilized. The shock pad should provide shock absorption without compromising footing and/or surface stability.

Brush machine


Artificial turf installation system.

Key Info:

Power: Diesel 5.5KW                     Size: 1500x800x950mm

Weight: 85kg                                   Brush size: 800x350mm

Brusch machine is suggested for artificial football turf installation and maintenance.

Infill handcart


Artificial turf installation system.

Key Info:      

Power: Manual                   Size: 1345*945*915mm

Weight: 120kg                    Infill width: 700mm

Infill handcart is suggested for artificial football turf installation and maintenance.

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